Innovation Heaven


Desire and Capability to Change Creates a Succesful Company – Profitability by Innovations

Professional business management is based on visions. Today we need more passion and skills to regenerate businesses. Top-management’s duty is to assure the profitability today and parallelly create new businesses.

A company’s strength lies on capabilities: customer skills, ecosystem skills, process skills, and management skills.

The Passion of Innovation Heaven Oy Is to Create and Commercialize New Ideas

Innovation Heaven Oy offers tools for innovation management.

Services of Innovation Heaven Oy include:
  1. Evaluation of the capabilities to innovate
  2. Innovation strategy into the core of business strategy
  3. Strengthening the strategic management (board membership)
  4. Improving key-persons’ capabilities (mentoring)
  5. Creating and starting innovation projects and managing them as a service
Two most important sources to regenerate a company are:
  • Customers
  • Research, development, and innovation work (RDI).

Too often RDI work is done only internally and in secret. Today it is more and more important to take customers and the whole business ecosystem as resources for business.

Profitability, Growth, and Regeneration

The three cornerstones of business are:
  • Profitability
  • Growth
  • Regeneration.

Businesses are growing even more deeply international. Today, because of digitalization, there is no separate export but rather all business is international and global as such.

Digitalization has already transformed the beating of the business clock faster. It is not enough to produce good, durable products but rather all companies need to recognize their customers more clearer, more exactly , and also more creatively.

Let’s succeed together!