Curriculum vitae

ariahonenDr. Ari Ahonen, kiinteistöneuvos

Ari.Ahonen (at)

Tel. +358 400 618 300

Special Skills

Strategic management, establishing companies, start-up business, re-start-up business

Innovation Industry

National and international network and innovation networks, innovation funding, and wide personal contacts.

Real Estate and Construction Industry

Adjunct Professor in Tampere University of Technology, Construction Economics.

Main Occupations

Innovation Heaven Oy, founder

Tampere University, Real Estate Development, Industry Professor

Technology Academy Finland -foundation (TAF), CEO

RYM Oy, CEO (SHOK-company for Built Environment Industry) 

Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovations

Executive Director, International and Domestic Networks

Executive Director, Regional and Domestic Networks

Member of Tekes Board of Directors

Director of Tekes Silicon Valley at San Jose, CA, USA. 

Technology Director, Construction and Woods Industry

Satopalvelut Oy, CEO

Sato Corporation, member of the board of directors 

Omat Vuokra-asunnot OVA Oy, CEO

Haka Oy, Helsinki (General Contractor)

Marketing Manager, Quality Manager, Development Engineer

Tampere University of Technology,

Construction Economics, researcher 

Erkki Juva Oy, Espoo

Project Engineer